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Accounting in Plain Text, Part 3

Hledger does not come with a pre-configured chart of accounts. The chart is actually built from the information contained in the plain-text journal file. For example, let’s start a new journal with the following entry: This entry creates two accounts. The first is the wells fargo 1234 account, which is actually a third-level […]

Accounting in Plain Text, Part 1.5

In Part 1 of this series, I explained the basics of using the Linux command-line interface (CLI), including how to install hledger from the Ubuntu repositories. But I realized after publishing that post that there is a significant difference between the version of hledger available in the repositories and the most-recent release published […]

Accounting in Plain Text, Part 1

If you are self-employed or own a small business, accounting is a necessary part of your day-to-day operations. There are a number of specialized bookkeeping and accounting tools available for Linux-based operating systems. In this first of a series of posts, I will be looking at the program I use […]

cvilleFOSS on LFTROU

Steve McLaughlin (aka the Door to Door Geek) was kind enough to mention cvilleFOSS on the most recent episode of his long-running podcast, Linux for the Rest of Us, which is part of the Podnutz network. I’ve embedded the YouTube feed of the episode below:

4 Things to Know About FOSS Licensing

FOSS stands for free and open source software. This refers to a method of distributing software rather than its price. In fact, there are many companies that make money supporting FOSS. So what actually makes software “free and open source”? The Open Source Initiative (OSI), a California-based nonprofit organization that […]